Biopuncture for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain and other health issues

Dr. Kelly offers Biopuncture, a unique technique that combines neural therapy, trigger point therapy, prolotherapy, and homotoxicology.

Biopuncture involves injecting small amounts of homeopathic remedies under the skin or into muscles, stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It reduces pain and inflammation and promotes local blood circulation, offering an alternative to conventional painkillers and potentially helping to alleviate chronic pain and illness.

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Stimulating the Body's Healing Mechanisms for Faster Recovery

Biopuncture is a technique that combines neural therapy, trigger point therapy, prolotherapy and homotoxicology. It stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms thus speeding up the process of injury recovery, natural rejuvenation/repair and also lowers pain and inflammation. The technique involves using pin-prick needles to inject miniature amounts of homeopathic remedies under the skin or into muscle encouraging the body to start healing and to help stimulate local blood circulation. For example, Biopuncture injections can be done in your neck for whiplash, on your chest for bronchitis, on your abdomen for gastro-enteritis or IBS, in your knee for joint pain, and so on. Since very fine needles and the amount of homeopathic solution is very small, it is not very painful at all. These therapeutic injections may not cure everything and I don’t want to call it the miracle cure, but it offers an alternative to conventional painkillers. And, Biopuncture can often instantly and lastingly resolve chronic longstanding illness and chronic pain.

The injection points can be at trigger points, acupuncture points or at pain points which assist with pain relief. Treatment into and around joints is also very common and very effective. The specific points are carefully chosen at time of visit after a history is taken. Injections are given in more than one spot during each session. Because homeopathic remedies are used, it is not going to be as ‘strong’ as conventional medication (e.g. painkillers, cortisone, Botox®), and so they may not be as effective in the short term. Thus, sometimes several sessions are needed before any result is observed. However, in the long-term, this is a nice trade off to have as you won’t have the side-effects often seen from conventional medications. Typical number of sessions may range from 3 to 10 treatments usually 1 week apart. In some cases, one may get 2-3 treatments in one week. In a few of my patients, they have had lasting relief from just 1 session. However, most patients do require at least 3 sessions of Biopuncture.

Dr Oz has recently talked extensively about the benefits of Biopuncture. There are only a few Doctors who use this highly effective technique. If you would be interested to learn more, please visit these links:

Biopuncture for Other Common Health Treatments

Biopuncture commonly has been used for minor orthopaedic problems including:

  • Neck
  • Upper and lower back pain
  • Ankle sprain
  • Sciatica
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Knee pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Ankle sprains
  • Tennis elbow
  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle strain and tears
  • Hip Pain
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Fibromyalgia

Biopuncture is particularly successful in treating sporting injuries. This is a safe and efficient technique and it is worth considering if you are in constant pain or have a new injury, such as a recent sporting injury.

Biopuncture is also used to help with many other health issues e.g.:

  • Onset of colds or flu’s (stimulates the immune system)
  • Migraines/chronic headaches
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Gastritis / GERD
  • Skin problems (Eczema)
  • TMJ
  • Sinus congestion, Sinusitis
    Chronic bronchitis / asthma
  • Cystitis
  • Scars
  • Enhances sluggish metabolism

Neural therapy involves injection of Procaine (also known as Novocain), a common local anesthetic, into various but very specific areas. Neural Therapy is based on the theory that trauma can produce long-standing disturbances in the electrochemical function of tissues. Among the types of tissues affected by trauma include scars, nerves or a cluster of nerves called ganglions. A correctly administered Neural Therapy injection can often instantly and lastingly resolve chronic longstanding illness and chronic pain.

Scars create “interference fields as they create blockages along the acupuncture meridian channels and can block energy to those related organs and body parts. Whether the scar be decades old or recent, the biopuncture helps to remove these interference fields, re-establish the normal electrical condition of cells and nerves and restore body function.

Individualized Plans for Effective Healing

An initial consultation is imperative to discuss the nature of the presenting problem. Following this, a treatment plan is prescribed based on the unique factors of each individual case, which may involve Biopuncture treatments. Dr. Kelly promotes Biopuncture treatment from his Encinitas practice that serves all of San Diego County.

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