What is neural therapy?

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What is neural therapy?
March 18, 2023

What is neural therapy?

Neural therapy treats chronic pain and illness through injections of local anesthetics, most commonly procaine, into scars, glands, trigger points and other tissues.  It is a way of diagnosing and treating chronic pain or illness caused by an imbalance of the body’s electro-physiology.  These electrical disturbances can be found in scars (such as those from surgery), teeth, internal organs and areas where tissue is inflamed or irritated.  They are commonly referred to as interference fields.

These interference fields are injected with procaine, which provides pain relief and allows the healing and rebuilding of tissues to occur.  When our bodies are dealing with constant pain management, it makes it difficult for our cells to repair themselves quickly.  Neural therapy allows a reprieve from the pain, thereby allowing healing to begin.

How does neural therapy work?

The tissues around an interference field are found to have abnormal electrical charges on the surfaces.   This is what causes an autonomic nervous system response and electrical disturbances in the body.  When procaine is injected into these interference fields, it stabilizes the area, allowing the body to begin healing, repair, and recovery.

What is procaine?

Procaine is a commonly used, safe, and non-toxic local anesthetic that is broken down by the body into two different compounds: a vitamin-B complex (p-amino benzoic acid) and diethyl-amino-ethanol, both of which have antihistamine properties.

Procaine offers many positive benefits, such as:

  • Pain relief
  • Provides an anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect
  • Reduces the instability of the nervous system
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Improves blood flow
  • Lowers blood pressure

What conditions can neural therapy treat?

Any pain or illness related to the body’s autonomic nervous system, such as palpitations, indigestion, constipation, sexual dysfunction, and irritable bowel syndrome.  Though the name ‘neural therapy’ seems to have something to do with the nerves, it is really the body’s autonomic nervous system that is involved.

 How can neural therapy benefit me?

Neural therapy can benefit you by reducing pain, which will allow your body to heal faster.  When we are in pain, our bodies are unable to metabolize our cells rapidly, making the delivery of healing nutrients, vitamins, and proteins much slower.  Neural therapy injections take away the pain, thereby restoring balance to the body and allowing the cells to move forward in their growth and turnover.

Who is a good candidate for neural therapy?

  • Those experiencing acute and chronic pain
  • People suffering from autonomic  nervous system illnesses
  • Those feeling overstressed and dealing with low energy

What can I expect from my neural therapy treatment?

After receiving a neural therapy treatment, you can expect to feel immediate improvement to your areas of pain and discomfort.  Though the results may not last long, even lasting less than a day, this is an encouraging sign and it is recommended that the treatment be used again.  Every time an interference field is given therapy, the longer the improvement to that area should last.   Treatments may be repeated until no longer needed.

Should you continue to have questions about neural therapy and the ways it can benefit you in your specific situation, I can answer your questions.  Working out of my Encinitas office, I have many years of experience helping my patients regain control of their health and well-being.

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