Krill Oil or Fish Oil?

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Krill Oil or Fish Oil?
March 18, 2023

Have you wondered whether you should take fish oil or krill oil? Both oils contain the healthful omega-3 fatty acids DHA (which is good for the brain and heart) and EPA (an anti-inflammatory). However, even though krill oil contains less EPA and DHA than fish oil, krill oil is absorbed up to 10-15 times more efficiently than fish oil, which makes it more of an efficient source for EPA and DHA.

If you have inflammation issues, krill oil may be especially effective. In a clinical trial at the University Health Network in Toronto, krill oil helped people with arthritis by reducing pain, stiffness, loss of function and inflammation. What’s more, the May 2003 issue of Alternative Medicine Review reported that krill oil reduced PMS symptoms and painful menstruation much more than fish oil did.

Krill oil, which comes from crustaceans, has less contaminants than fish oil, which may contain heavy metals. Further, krill oil naturally includes the antioxidant astaxanathin, which is absent in fish oil. Thanks to the protective qualities of astaxanathin, krill oil is les likely than fish oil to go rancid.

However, krill oil is typically more expensive than fish oil. So if you’re on a budget, you may want to stick with fish oil. Either way, you’ll get your omega-3 fatty acids and be healthier than you were before!

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