Healthy Ways to Detox

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Healthy Ways to Detox
March 18, 2023

Are you feeling more tired than usual, run down, stopped up, or just unable to cope with the day to day stresses in your life?   A detox might be just what you need to find your energy, balance, and focus in life.

Why is detox important?

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins.  Carbon dioxide from cars, chemicals from furniture and carpets, pesticides on our food.  The places from which toxins invade our bodies are countless.  As much as you may try to avoid coming into contact with these daily toxins, it is almost impossible.  Detoxing allows your body to release the toxins that have built up inside of your body.

When your body is full of toxins, you may feel sluggish, tired, lack energy.  You may even feel sick or have increased headaches. Detoxing helps you to regain your health, energy, and balance.

 What are some healthy ways to detox?

  •  Defecation

– Defecation is one of the natural ways your body gets rid of waste and toxins.  Because it is one of the most natural detox functions we are equipped with, it is also a very healthy way to detox.  Stimulation of defecation through use of herbs, laxative teas, and increased fiber intake can help empty the body of any impacted waste that might be adding toxins to your body.  It is important not to abuse any laxatives, as this can cause harm to your body and may end up adding in more toxins than what it releases.

  • Sweating

-Another healthy way to detox is through sweating.  Sweat releases salts, water, and toxins through our skin.  Many people use dry saunas or steam rooms to sweat.  It is very important to drink plenty of fluids in order to not become dehydrated.

  • Urination

-Urination is another natural function of our body designed to remove toxins.  When we increase our fluid consumption, we also increase our urination, which gives our bodies more of an opportunity to rid itself of pollutants.

  •  Dry skin brushing

-Dry skin brushing removes many of the micro-thin dry skin layers that can sometimes harbor residual waste. Additionally, it stimulates the lymphatic system into collecting and ultimately removing toxins from the body.

  • Deep breathing

-Deep breathing is a healthy way to detox and to distress!  When we breathe in, our lungs take the fresh batch of oxygen and exchange it for the used carbon dioxide (a pollutant) from our cells.  Obviously, breathing keeps us alive, but practicing deep breathing gives our lungs some extra oxygen to increase the turnover of carbon dioxide.  Beyond this, deep breathing also contributes to less stress.  Stress creates hormones in our bodies that are destructive and toxic, so it is important to keep ourselves as stress free and relaxed as possible.

  • Using herbs

-Using herbs as a healthy way to detox is a centuries old treatment.  Certain herbs, such as milk thistle, capsicum, and Gentian root, help the body to be more efficient processing and removing toxins.

Where can I find out more information about healthy ways to detox?

I can assist you with all of your questions about healthy ways to detox in my Encinitas office.  For those of you who are looking for a serious, beneficial detox program, I can help you with the Glutahione IV push or the IV nutritional.

The Glutahione IV push is a chemical that serves as a powerful antioxidant, which lessens the amount of damaging free radicals that are in the body.  It is given intravenously in the arm and takes 10-15 minutes.  Glutahione is a safe, proven treatment that has been in use for more than 30 years.

The IV nutritional benefits patients by delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood stream and to the cells.  Patients are able to take higher doses of vitamins and nutrients intravenously, since this will not interfere with the digestive system.

In either case, antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins are being delivered to your body, helping it to detox, regenerate, and rebuild.  Start feeling healthier, happier, and more energetic today!

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