H2O2 IV Drip for Chronic Infections

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H2O2 IV Drip for Chronic Infections
March 18, 2023

What is the H2O2 IV Drip? H202 IV Drip is an IV infusion of hydrogen peroxide directly into your bloodstream at concentrated levels. Do you remember that little brown bottle of fluid your mom put on your cuts and scrapes when you got hurt as a child? She did this so your cuts would not get infected. The H202 IV Drip infusion kills disease and infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi plaguing or hiding in your body. The key is the H202 IV drip’s oxygen-infused molecular structure.

What are the benefits of an H202 IV Drip? The H202 IV drip uses its oxygen-infused molecular structure to help your body fight infection and disease. Disease causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi are anaerobic, meaning they need a lack in oxygen in order to produce and multiply. When H202 runs through your veins, the oxygen surrounds the disease, causing its cells to suffocate and die. The H202 IV Drip is therefore a powerful agent in fighting chronic infections. People who suffer from chronic colds, influence, chronic fatigue syndrome, Candida, sinus infections, Epstein – Barr virus or gangrene are excellent candidates for H202 IV Drips. Your body naturally makes H202 but for those people who suffer from chronic infections, the immune system is compromised and in effect, the H202 naturally produced is not enough.

Next, because the H202 IV Drip brings extra oxygen to cells, aerobic bacteria (the good bacteria in your gut that helps you fight infection) which need oxygen in order to thrive, are able to get an extra boost. This makes the H202 IV Drip also be an immune system booster—aiding your body’s natural defense system into fighting future infection

Third, the H202 IV Drip also helps your body rid itself of other ailments indirectly caused by the viruses, bacteria, and fungi hurting your body. These are living organisms in your body and because of that, they produce waste products that are toxifying to your body. The toxic effects can cause all sorts of ailments that you have been living with for years or have slowly developed so that you never made the association with the illness. The oxygen in the H202 IV Drip oxidizes these waste products, helping your liver and kidneys detoxify—shed those toxins from your body. People who get an H202 IV Drip can in effect, notice a significant amount of improvements in their well-being. Side benefits of detoxification often include improved memory and concentration; enhanced senses like sight, smell, and sound; reduced allergies; lowered blood pressure; less wrinkles and acne; thicker hair and nails; improved emotional and psychological state of mind; and improved body weight.

Is the H202 IV Drip Safe? The H202 IV Drip enhances your body’s natural defense system. Your body already produces H202 in its white blood cells and your body’s natural flora uses that oxygen to thrive and fight infection. The IV just adds more H202 to your body so you can fight infection faster and more effectively, especially if your immune system has been compromised by chronic infection.

H2O2  is considered a food so it is natural and it  is also effective.  So, if you are in need of fighting infection, please contact me.

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