Get a B-12 Shot in Encinitas Today

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Get a B-12 Shot in Encinitas Today
March 18, 2023

Have you been feeling tired, lethargic, or weighed down recently? Are you having trouble concentrating or remember simple things like where you left your keys? Then it’s time to tack advantage of a great new deal brought to you by Dr. Kim Kelly, who is offering 50% off of your first B12 vitamin shot when you visit his neuropathic practice in Encinitas.

In our modern society it’s easy to get overwhelmed and worn down with all the expectations of our jobs, family, and other important priorities.B12 shots are a holistic health solution that can help individuals improve their energy, focus, and memory. Some patients also use vitamin B12 shots to induce natural weight loss.

About B12

B12 is a complex vitamin that is crucial in the functioning of the brain, nervous system, and blood. It also plays a key role in the body’s metabolism, DNA synthesis, energy production and fatty acid synthesis. Many individuals may be deficient in B12, including vegetarians, vegans and other individuals who might have trouble naturally absorbing B12.

At his Encinitas neuropathic practice, Dr. Kelly provides B12 shots to many patients complaining of low energy, headaches, joint pain, forgetfulness, mild anxiety or depression, trouble concentrating and weight gain.

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Uses of Vitamin B12 Shots

Vitamin B12 shots are used to treat a variety of symptoms. A direct injection of B12 can address B12 deficiency and give an individual an energy boost. Customers who receive B12 shots are likely to notice improved energy and concentration. Many other have reported less mood swings, natural weight loss, less forgetfulness, lessened anxiety and depression and the easing of menopausal symptoms.

B12 has also been shown to help the body properly form red blood cells, grow and replace damaged tissue, replicate DNA and help protect against strokes and heart attack. The B12 vitamin’s role in fatty acid synthesis also helps the body form myelin, which protects nerve cells in the brain.

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Vitamin B12 Shots for Weight Loss

Many people incorporate B12 shots as part of a natural weight loss strategy. While it has yet to be scientifically proven that B12 shots help people lose weight, many clients have seen strong weight loss results after receiving regular vitamin B12 shots. Since B12 is known to improve metabolism and energy levels, it may make the body more efficient at burning calories as well as give individuals more energy so that they can exercise longer at a higher level of intensity.

Vitamin B12 shots should never be considered a shortcut to weight loss. Individuals still need to make sure they eat a healthy, balanced diet and incorporate exercise into their daily routine in order to see weight loss results.

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Benefits of Neuropathy

As a neuropath in San Diego, Dr. Kelly helps clients alleviate the symptoms of disease using holistic, natural remedies, including vitamin B12 shots and Meyers Cocktails.  Symptoms like tiredness, difficulty concentrating, weight gain, and anxiety are warning signs from your body that everything is not functioning as it should. In many cases, these symptoms are the early precursors to disease. Luckily, they can be treated, usually with noninvasive or minimally invasive holistic treatments.

Treating disease symptoms early or even seeing a San Diego neuropath like Dr. Kelly for preventative care can prevent or drastically delay disease and some of the aches, pains and decline associated with aging.

Dr. Kelly’s patients often claim to experience marked improvements in their energy levels, concentration and mood swings with only a few B12 vitamin treatments.

Side Effects of Vitamin B12 Shots

Vitamin B12 shots do sting when administered, but most customers claim that the pain is minimal. There may also be some soreness at the site of the B12 injection for a short while. For the most part, individuals have reported minimal negative side effects to receiving B12 shots. Some that have been reported are mild nausea, upset stomach, headaches, red skin and joint pain.

Most of the effects of B12 shots are positive, which is why so many of the clients of Dr. Kelly’s neuropathic practice in Encinitas continue to ask for B12 shots on a regular basis.


The amount of B12 an individual needs will depend on the current levels of B12 in their body and their specific symptoms. Individuals with severe symptoms that may indicate a high rate of B12 deficiency may need to start with daily B12 injections. This will usually level off to weekly B12 shots and then monthly shots as B12 levels rise and the symptoms abate.

It’s best to sit down with a holistic health practitioner to get a B12 dosage recommendation. All new patients at Dr. Kelly’s neuropathic practice in Encinitas receive a 60 – 90 minute in-depth consultation with Dr. Kelly. During this consultation, Dr. Kelly and the patient will discuss the patient’s current symptoms and medical history. Dr. Kelly may then perform or order tests and may start initial treatment. Dr. Kelly can also answer any and all questions about B12 shots, including their benefits and side effects. To learn more, visit Dr. Kelly’s website at or call (760) 533-2883.

Dr. Kelly is a licensed San Diego neuropath with over ten years of experience. He graduated from Bastyr University and underwent a rigorous three-year neuropathic training program where he learned the art and science of progressive healing modalities for musculoskeletal pain, autoimmune conditions, chronic infections, environmental and heavy metal toxicities and general health issues.

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