How Biopuncture Can Help With Pain And Healing Process In Sports Injuries

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How Biopuncture Can Help With Pain And Healing Process In Sports Injuries
March 18, 2023

What Is Biopuncture? Biopuncture is a microdose of homeopathic plant extracts injected into specific locations of the body, which stimulate an immune response and help your body heal those areas and in effect, also reduce or eliminate pain. Biopuncture plant extracts can come from a variety of sources. I use Biopuncture mostly for sports injuries but also use this modality for other cases of chronic or acute pain.  May main selections of homeopathic remedies are:  Traumeel—for inflammation, Lymphomyosot—for lymphatic damage in chronically swollen tissues, Spascupreel—for muscle spasms and cramps, and Zeel—for chronic joint pain.   I also use other remedies depending on the pain, location, symptoms.

How Is Biopuncture Administered? Biopuncture products are injected either subcutaneously or directly into muscles, tendons, or ligaments where injuries have occurred. I will give a subcutaneous injection of a biopuncture product just into the pain zone, but not deeper when it is impossible to inject it any deeper. This is still affective as the subcutaneous tissues can influence deeper layers. I will inject biopuncture products with an intramuscular injection for patients with minor orthopedic complaints like pain, weakness, tenderness, or deferred in other locations that are due to an injury in another muscular area. I can also inject biopuncture products into ligaments. Ligaments and tendons are typically injured by trauma when no bones are broken. Because of the low blood flow these areas, recovery is often slow and worse, can often be incomplete. Additionally, pain is significant in these injuries because there are so many nerve endings on these tissues. I typically use Traumeel for these injections to help with inflammation.

What Are Side Effects Of Biopuncture? Because the dosages of the biopuncture plant enzymes are so low, it is just enough to stimulate an immune response without any side effects. Biopuncture is really a safe method of treating injuries. Some people report immediate positive results. Some actually feel a little more sore the first day or two as the healing process starts to take place but find that relief and healing follow the initial soreness almost immediately. Some people prefer an anesthetic with the injections to help them endure the pain from the injection itself—especially the deep musculatory ones or the ones into ligaments. With this, numbness can often last longer than the session in those areas where the anesthetic was injected.

Who Are Good Candidates For Biopuncture? People who are suffering from chronic or temporary pain and incomplete healing from sports injuries are great candidates for biopuncture, especially people who are looking for an alternative to the traditional cortisone injection which has numerous side effects and is quite controversial. Other people who simply suffer from chronic pain or inflammation in their neck, back, shoulders, knees, ankles, or with tendon problems would be good candidates for biopuncture. Biopuncture is also a great option for those who have tried traditional treatment for these injuries but have had no success. So if you are in chronic pain due to an unhealed injury and are looking to not just get rid of the pain, but also heal the injury itself—call or email me. I can take a look at your injury and determine if biopuncture would be right for you.

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